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The most frequently asked questions and common troubleshooting issues are listed below with instructions on addressing each. If you do not find your question or problem here, please refer to your system's user manual.


How do I test my system?

If you want to just test the communications with your monitoring service, call the central station at 1-888-227-0705. They will ask you your password/passcode. Tell them you want to test your security system. After you get off the phone with them, arm your system and trip one of the sensors. Put in your code to shut down the alarm. Call the central station and ask them if they received the alarm trip notification. They should be able to tell you the security zone that was tripped. Tell them if you wish to continue testing or if you have completed your test.

For a more extensive test, you will need to test each alarm sensor in each security zone. Call and tell the central station that you will be testing multiple sensors and zones. Make sure you have a list of each alarm sensor and the sensor's zone. Perform the same test for each sensor and contact the central station each time until the test is complete. Don't forget to tell them when your test is complete.

How often should I test my security system?

PowerGuard Security recommends that you give your system an extensive test at least monthly. However, you may feel you need to perform this test more frequently and are welcome to do so as often as you feel is necessary.

I just had DSL installed. Do I need a special filter for the security system? Can I install a spare DSL filter that I already have?

Yes, you need a filter if your security system is being monitored. Not just any filter will work. You need to have a specific type of filter. We recommend that you purchase this filter from PowerGuard Security. It is possible to obtain this filter from other sources, but before purchasing you need to verify with PowerGuard Security that your purchased filter will work on your security system.

My DSL is not working. I called the phone/internet company and they said the problem was with my security system. What do I need to do?

You need a filter if your security system is being monitored. Not any filter will work. You need to have a specifc type of filter. We recommend that you purchase this filter from PowerGuard Security. It is possible to obtain this filter from other sources, but before purchasing you need to verify with PowerGuard Security that your purchased filter will work on your security system.

My phone is dead. Did your security system cause my problem?

Open your security system panel (where the phone connects to your system). Unplug the phone line from the jack inside the panel. If the phone goes back to normal, PowerGuard Security has a problem and needs to be notified immediately. If the phone still is dead, then since we have totally disconnected the security system from the phone system, the problem is in the phone system.

I have a door or window that has been removed and now cannot arm my security system. What can I do?

You can arm your system, but you will need to bypass the zone to which the window or door was connected. This will essentially remove security checks from all sensors involved within the bypassed zone. You will need to bypass this zone each time you wish to arm your security system. Check your user's manual for reference. PowerGuard Security can schedule additional installation when the door or window is replaced if you need this service.

My doors or windows have stopped chiming or have stopped notifying that they have been opened or closed.

There is a button on the keypad with the word "Chime" on it (usually the #9 button). Enter your four digit code then press that button to turn the chime on or off.

My system is continuously beeping. What do I do?

If you have a DSC or Simon security system and the power has been out recently, reset the clock.

If you have a different system, press the status key to see what the problem is. This will show the zone number where the problem is located. Clear it by putting your code in and off twice consecutively.

If your security system has wireless sensors and you have attempted to replace batteries yourself, the zone needs to be reset. You can do this with the user manual.

I am trying to arm my system, but it will not arm. What do I do?

Make sure that all of your windows and doors are closed and nothing is tripping a motion sensor. The security system will not arm if one of the sensors is being tripped. If a fault has occurred you will have to clear it before it will arm.

My smoke detector is beeping. What do I do?

The smoke detectors that PowerGuard Security installs are hard wired into our security system control panel. They are powered from the security system control panel battery and therefore do not beep. However, when installing security systems, PowerGuard Security does not uninstall smoke/fire alarm equipment previously placed in the home. The beep you are hearing is probably from your old smoke/fire alarm equipment that has a low battery.

Do you finance security systems?

Yes, a PowerGuard representative will have to contact you with specifics. Click here to request more information.

Will PowerGuard Security take over the monitoring of my existing system?

Yes, in most cases we can take over a security system for monitoring purposes. PowerGuard Security will need to visit your location and determine the final answer to this question. Click here to request more information.

I need to replace the battery to my security system. Can I do this?

Yes. The battery is located in the main control panel. You need to replace the old battery with the current model. Not just any battery is sufficient. PowerGuard Security sells the types of batteries that are required and as a general rule will beat or compete with other's prices.

I have forgotten my password or code. Do you have this in your records?

If PowerGuard Security installed or took over your system, we should have this data in our records. However, only a PowerGuard Security representative may obtain this data. This representative can give this data to our customer provided the customer offers substantial proof that they are indeed the entity to which the system belongs. Every precaution is taken to safeguard our customers from those that wish to gain access to their premises by deceptively obtaining codes and passwords.

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